Six is a tender, erotic comedy about a celebrated actor with an unusual quality. 'Every woman he dares to sleep with bares his child . . . ' Gifted or cursed, Felix Dern has loved, certainly, but have these loves ever lasted? Only perhaps in this one particular way. Lix's six children are a constant reminder of what he did, with whom, and all in the pursuit of an elusive dream. Set in the glorious City of Kisses , this seamless novel charts the sexual history of a loving, baffled man through an original and mischievous exploration of attraction, polarity, and everything in between. 'Furiously frank and tender . . . Crace makes you feel as if you have never read a single true word about love, sex or babies until now' Julie Myerson 'Ingenious and beautifully written' Jonathan Raban, Daily Telegraph Books of the Year

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