This volume collects written versions of invited and contributed talks presented at the conference. It covers many areas of logic and the foundations of mathematics, as well as computer science.Contents:Seminormal Fine Measures on Pκ(λ) (Y Abe)Effective Baire Category Concepts (K Ambos-Spies & J Reimann)Weak Presentations of Computable Partial Orderings (M M Arslanov & I S Kalimullin)Recursion Theory and Weak Fragments of Peano Arithmetic: A Study of Definable Cuts (C T Chong & Y Yang)Lattice Embedding into d-r.e. Degrees Preserving 0 and 1 (D Ding & L Qian)On Stationary Reflection Principles (Q Feng)Definable Sets of Real Numbers, Infinite Games and Core Model Theory (K Hauser)The Descriptive Classification of Some Classes of C∗-Algebras (A S Kechris)Decidability and Undecidability in the Enumerable Turing Degrees (S Lempp)The Theory of Finite Models (L Luo)A Note on Weak Segments of PFA (T Miyamoto)On Structural Inference Rules for Gentzen-Style Natural Deduction, Part I (K Nakatogawa)Linear Set Theory with Strict Comprehension (M Shirahata)A Solution to a Problem of Marek and Truszcynski (K Su & H Chen)Credulous Reasoning About Defaults (Y H Tan & L W N van der Torre)Computational Complexity of Infinite-Valued Lukasiewicz Propositional Logic (H Wagner)DNK and Natural Reasoning (M Yasugi & M Nakata)Default Logic and Its Variants: A Semantical View (M Zhang)Adding Eventual Different Reals (Y Zhang)Asian Logic Conferences (M Yasugi)Readership: Logicians, computer scientists, graduate students and research mathematicians.

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