In this fully revised and expanded edition of Smooth Tests of Goodness of Fit, the latest powerful techniques for assessing statistical and probabilistic models using this proven class of procedures are presented in a practical and easily accessible manner. Emphasis is placed on modern developments such as data-driven tests, diagnostic properties, and model selection techniques. Applicable to most statistical distributions, the methodology described in this book is optimal for deriving tests of fit for new distributions and complex probabilistic models, and is a standard against which new procedures should be compared.New features of the second edition include:Expansion of the methodology to cover virtually any statistical distribution, including exponential familiesDiscussion and application of data-driven smooth testsTechniques for the selection of the best model for the data, with a guide to acceptable alternativesNumerous new, revised, and expanded examples, generated using R codeSmooth Tests of Goodness of Fit is an invaluable resource for all methodological researchers as well as graduate students undertaking goodness-of-fit, statistical, and probabilistic model assessment courses. Practitioners wishing to make an informed choice of goodness-of-fit test will also find this book an indispensible guide.Reviews of the first edition:"This book gives a very readable account of the smooth tests of goodness of fit. The book can be read by scientists having only an introductory knowledge of statistics. It contains a fairly extensive list of references; research will find it helpful for the further development of smooth tests." --T.K. Chandra, Zentralblatt f

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