The history of the Pacific Islands is noted for great upheavals, from colonization to tribal warfare, natural disasters to nuclear testing. More recently, political change, increasing technology and urbanization, and conflict between traditional and Western cultures have led to considerable social problems in the region. Substance and alcohol abuse, violence, cultural displacement, and suicide bring uncertainty to day-to-day life and stretch already overextended social resources. Social Change and Psychosocial Adaptation in the Pacific Islands sensitively balances situations applicable across this vast geographical area with data and events relevant to individual nations in Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia. Chapters are written by native clinicians, cultural anthropologists, cross-cultural psychologists, and other professionals serving the region, specifically focusing on: - Hawaii- Aboriginal Australia - The Solomon Islands - Fiji - Guam - The Marshall Islands - The Federated States of Micronesia Each provides historical background, details the countrys ethnic makeup, summarizes major cultural identity/survival issues, and examines its existing health care and mental health care systems. The tasks ahead are large. Practitioners, researchers, and other professionals working with the peoples of the Pacific need culturally attuned resources to better collaborate on interventions, prevention programs, and policy. Social Change and Psychosocial Adaptation in the Pacific Islands rises to this complex challenge.

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