Align strategy with real metrics using social monitoring best practices!Social media is the hottest topic in marketing todaybut do you really know how to take strategic advantage of everything Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other site have to offer?You're not alone. The most common questions heard in marketing departments today are: How many customers did we get? How many products did we sell? What were our sales margins? Few know the answers; most don't even know how to get the answers.Web analytics and SEO specialist Marshall Sponder has developed sophisticated tools for measuring social-media metrics for all the major platforms, and, in Social Media Analytics, he shows you how to track social media in organizations of various sizes and typesfrom B2B and C2C to nonprofits and government. Learn how to:Obtain and measure metrics from social mediaSet up social-media audits and scorecardsUse hard data to formulate business strategy Filled with in-depth case studies from a range of industries and in-depth reviews of several social-monitoring platforms, Social Media Analytics concludes with an insightful look at where the field will be going during the next few years.

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