Can we learn, through the model of Socrates, practical wisdom that we can apply to our lives? What are we to make of the paradoxical and strange figure who claimed that the unexamined life is not worth living, that only knowledge can save our souls, that love is nothing but the desire for wisdom, and that knowledge of human excellence is such that only a god can possess it? Protesting against traditional interpretations that tame the ancient philosopher by observing him through a lens of conventional wisdom, George Rudebusch’s Socrates presents a compelling case for taking Socrates’ arguments and wild conclusions seriously, not merely as abstract exercises in cross–examining ideas of human excellence, but as a heavenly way for human beings to live. Original in approach, lovingly crafted with humor, thought–experiments, and literary references (from the Iliad to Harry Potter), and with close readings of key Socratic arguments, the book brings the strange figure of Socrates...

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