Advances in computer technology and in the development of modern microwave test instruments over the past decade have given electrical engineers, researchers and university students a number of new approaches to study microwave components, devices and circuits. Vector network analyser (VNA) is a valuable tool for providing fast and accurate characterisation of microwave components and devices for other circuits working at high frequencies.This book together with associated software serves as an introduction to microwave network analysis, microwave components and devices, and microwave circuit design. Software VNA and Microwave Network Design and Characterisation also provides both device and circuit simulators powered by the analytical formulae presented in the book. The book consists of chapters on network analysis theory and network parameters, installation and functions of the software, built-in device models, circuit design and operation principles and design examples.The Software VNA provided with the book includes:a trainer for users to gain experience of how a VNA would operate in practice.Capability of accessing to the data on a commercial VNA test instrument.device simulator equipped with 35 device builders from which an unlimited number of devices can be defined and studied.circuit simulator that can be used to build circuits and study their properties.Software VNA and Microwave Network Design and Characterisation is a practical guide for senior undergraduate and MSc students as well as practising engineers and researchers in the field of microwave engineering.

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