This comprehensive and interdisciplinary handbook provides a birds-eye view of two centuries of research on secondary metabolites of the two large Solanales families, Solanaceae and Convolvulaceae. Arranged according to their biosynthetic principles, the occurrence and chemical structures of almost all known individual secondary metabolites are covered, which are found in hundreds of wild as well as cultivated solanaceous and convolvulaceous species. In addition to the biosynthesis, the pharmacological, toxicological, ethnobotanical, ecological, and economic significance of the metabolites is treated. A major aim of this book is the individual phytochemical characterization of the Solanales taxa on the species level. Species are integrated into frameworks of traditional and molecular phylogeny-based classifications. This allows a detailed discussion of chemotaxonomic relationships with regard to all taxon levels up to the order. The text is supplemented by 83 superb color photos of Solanales plants.

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