A unique, integrated look at solid-phase synthesis and advances in combinatorial chemistry and technologiesThe last decade has seen a rapid expansion in combinatorial technologies, a field where chemistry disciplines intersect with automation, statistics, and information science, as well as certain biological disciplines. Reflecting these multidisciplinary trends, this new work provides a comprehensive overview of the most important aspects of solid-phase synthesis (SPS), combinatorial chemistry, and related combinatorial technologies. It clearly demonstrates how SPS and combinatorial chemistry have extended their application from the pharmaceutical arena to new areas, including biotechnology, material sciences, catalysis, and agrochemical industries, and explores in detail strategies for planning, designing, preparing, and testing of combinatorial libraries in various disciplines. Designed to meet the needs of both experienced combinatorial chemists and newcomers to the field, Solid-Phase Synthesis and Combinatorial Technologies:Surveys the most recent developments in SPS and combinatorial chemistryExplains the entire process, from determining the need for a library to the details necessary for synthesis of the libraryDiscusses choice of format, size, and the rationale behind the design of each synthetic stepSurveys the analytical techniques and the purification methods used to characterize and purify combinatorial librariesEmploys a large number of examples to illustrate important conceptsIncludes problems geared toward applying acquired knowledge and designing the steps to SPS/library synthesisDescribes the quality control and activity screening of combinatorial libraries for various applicationsFeatures a detailed bibliography of more than 1,700 relevant sources

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