Now in its 4th edition, this remains the ultimate reference for all questions regarding the properties and effects of solvents in organic chemistry. Retaining its proven concept, the handbook is completely updated and contains 15% more content, including new chapters on "Solvents and Green Chemistry", "Classification of Solvents by their Environmental Impact", and "Ionic Liquids".From the contents:Solute-Solvent InteractionsClassification of SolventsSolvent Effects on the Position of Homogeneous Chemical Equilibria, on the Rate of Homogeneous Chemical Reactions and on Absorption Spectra of Organic CompoundsEmpirical Parameters of Solvent PolarityPraise for previous editions:"Because reactions in chemical and biochemical laboratories are mostly performed in solution, this book is highly recommended to all chemists or biochemists involved in teaching or research."A. T. Balaban, Journal of the American Chemical Society"... it is well worth the time of every organic chemist to read this book and learn how solvents influence the myriad phenomena of organic chemistry. It is also a superb reference book ... with the largest bibliography on solvents and solvent effects. ... every practicing organic chemist should either own a copy or have accesss to one."R. Pagni, Journal of Chemical Education

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