Be Guided by the Evidence...Somatoform disorders are more common than many clinicians realize and are often underdiagnosed and poorly managed.This practical guide provides a comprehensive overview of all somatoform disorders. It aims to enable the mental health practitioner to properly diagnose and manage the disorders as well as to provide the appropriate advice to colleagues of other medical disciplines.Somatoform Disorders offers:* Detailed coverage of the concepts of each disorder: diagnosis, classification, co-morbidities and course and outcome* An outline of clinical, biological and psychosocial research in the area* An overview of clinical management and future perspectives* The unique series format of systematic reviews followed by commentariesSomatoform Disorders is the ninth volume of the WPA Series "Evidence and Experience in Psychiatry. The book is an unbiased and reliable reference point for all psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health nurses and policy makers.

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