This deeply reflective book uses a safari, both the actual trip the authors took to Africa in 2006 and safari as metaphor, to show how the second half of life can be a journey of discovery. Drawing upon ancient and contemporary wisdom and modern research, Richard Leider and David Shapiro provide insightful ways of thinking and being that help us find meaning and purpose in life, and offer and strategies and stories that enable us to act courageously and with loving abandon in all that we do. In Part 1: Hunting the Invisible Game, Leider and Shapiro draw on their experiences with members of Tanzania's Hadza tribe to invite readers to return to a time and place where our connections to the natural world and its patterns of time and space are revealed more clearly to us and where we are better able to clarify for ourselves what really matters in our lives. In Part 2: Saving the World, they use the idea of generosity to fellow travellers as a way to explore what it means...

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