In the 1966 Playboy interview, Dylan said, Im North Dakota-Minnesota-Midwestern. . . . I speak that way. Im from someplace called Iron Range. My brains and feelings have come from there. Using Dylan songs, biographies, criticism, Minnesota history, and the work of other Midwest writers, David Pichaske burrows below the accretions of New York and California, as well as records and books and the world of postmodern art to track the continuing presence in Dylans work of the Midwest, Minnesota, and the Iron Range. To a remarkable extent, Dylans origins help determine his subjects, his language, his ideas, images, and metaphors. His roots are reflected in his use of the pastoral tradition, with its suspicion of the city, redemption in Nature, and almost Transcendentalist mysticism; in his politics, and in his role as Bob Dylan the prophet, preaching the American jeremiad to a nation gone wrong.Song of the North Country is a beautifully written and erudite book that provides endless new insights into the work of one of Americas foremost poets and performers.

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