Soothe Your Baby the Natural Way : Bonding Calming Rituals Massage Techniques Natural Remedies


Book Description The most upsetting challenge a new parent can face is an infant who won't stop crying. Before panic sets in, Mom and Dad can find a tried-and-tested solution in this commonsensical guide. They'll learn to interpret their baby's criesand body language. They'll learn about bonding, and how parent's moods and behavior affect an infant's. Among the many natural ways to soothe a baby suggested here are massage, homeopathy, and reflexology--as well as music and other calming sounds, a placid bedroom environment, and natural remedies for diaper rash, colic, and teething pain. The reassuring advice covers everything from how to determine a child's personality type to how to hold, handle, bathe, change, and feed an infant.

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