These red-blooded Mediterranean men always get what they want! The Spaniard's Pregnancy Proposal Kim Lawrence Short-term affairs are red-hot Antonio's calling card - until he meets Fleur. She's caught by his whirlwind of passionate seduction but not interested in anything serious. Yet Antonio wants more and he knows just how he'll get it... At the Spaniard's Convenience Margaret Mayo When Lucio discovers that he has a daughter, the Spaniard takes immediate action. He starts with Kirstie, the girl's mother. But Kirstie believes that Lucio loves only money and is determined he shan't hurt their daughter as he has hurt her. Taken: the Spaniard's Virgin Lucy Monroe Model Amber Taylor looked innocent...and that interested Spanish billionaire Miguel Mendez. Miguel's Mediterranean charm made Amber feel beautiful. But Amber was instantly aware that dating Miguel would be a risk, and she had everything to lose!

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