Two plays about cultural identity from Scotland and Catalonia, which received their English-language premieres in August 1999 at the Royal Lyceum Theatre as part of the Edinburgh International Festival in Traverse Theatre Company productionsThe Speculator is set in Paris in 1720. The French playwright Pierre Marivaux is playing games with love and chance. Europe is in chaos. And John Law, a Scot from Edinburgh, is the richest and most powerful man in the world. He upsets order and alters the value of money. How long can his influence last? David Greigs new play is a rambunctious costume drama that toys with history and questions whether imagination can, or should, triumph over truth. Some events in the play are true. The rest is speculation. The Meeting, translated by John London, follows a string of chance encounters. A businessman on a journey crosses paths and shares his life with those of passing strangers. An old man is convinced there is buried treasure in the city park. A watchmaker talks to him about time. A young man and a traveller speak of their discontent. Shared pasts and common desires create a web of complexity in Luisa Cunilles challenging new play, turning random meetings into rendezvous with destiny."David Greig is the most consistently interesting, prolific and artistically ambitious writer of his generation" (Scotsman); "Frequently compared to Harold Pinter...Cunille has discovered a special style" (ABC, Madrid)

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