The secrets of high-frequencytrading revealed!High-frequency traders have been called manythingsfrom masters of the universe andmarket pioneers to exploiters, computer geeks,and even predators. Everyone in the businessof investing has an opinion of speed traders, buthow many really understand how they operate?The shadow people of the investing world, todayshigh-frequency traders have decidedly kept a lowprofileuntil now.In The Speed Traders, Edgar Perez, founderof the prestigious business networking communityGolden Networking, opens the door to thesecretive world of high-frequency trading (HFT).Inside, prominent figures of HFT drop their guardand speak with unprecedented candidness abouttheir trade.Perez begins with an overview of computerizedtrading, which formally began onFebruary 8, 1971, when NASDAQ launchedthe worlds first electronic market with 2,500over-the-counter stocks and which has evolvedinto the present-day practice of making multipletrades in a matter of microseconds. He thenpicks the brains of todays top players. ManojNarang (Tradeworx), Peter van Kleef (LakeviewArbitrage), and Aaron Lebovitz (Infinium CapitalManagement) are just a few of the luminaries whodecided to break their silence and speak openlyto Perez. Virtually all of the expertise availablefrom the world of speed trading is packed intothese pages.Youll get insight from HFTs most influentialtrailblazers on the important issues, including:The basics of launching an HFT platformThe important role speed traders play inproviding market liquidityThe real story behind the flash crash ofMay 2010Emerging global HFT marketsM&A and consolidation among the worldsbiggest exchangesThe Speed Traders is the most comprehensive,revealing work available on the most importantdevelopment in trading in generations.High-frequency trading will no doubt play anever larger role as computer technology advancesand the global exchanges embrace fast electronicaccess.The Speed Traders explains everything thereis to know about how todays high-frequencytraders make millionsone cent at a time.

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