"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" - BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Franklin said it over 200 years ago, but it's never been more true - or valuable - for today's homeowner. With the increasing costs of utilities and home repairs, doing a little preventative maintenance will preserve your home, increase its value and save you money in repairs and energy costs. Simple things such as replacing air filters, adding a programmable thermostat and insulating your water heater are easy fixes that will save you money. Filling cracked concrete, installing gutter covers and re-caulking a tub or shower will increase the value of your home. Step-by-step instructions for these and other inexpensive projects are right inside. Money-saving projects inside: - Check & Replace Air Filters - Weather-seal Windows & Doors - Stop Drafts Around Light Switches - Install a Programmable Thermostat - Wrap a Water Heater - Replace a Damaged Shingle - Attach Gutters - Seal Chimney Flashing - Install Gutter Covers - Secure Downspouts - Check Ductwork for Leaks - Fix Hot & Cold Spots - Insulate Water Pipes - Re-caulk a Tub - Install a Motion Sensor Light Switch - Insulate Basement & Garage Walls - Fill Cracks in Concrete - Repair Mortar Joints - Fix a Squeaky Floor - Install a Faucet Cut-off - Repair a Window Screen - Fix a Sticking Door

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