"Spies Among Us reads like a Robert Ludlum novel, [and] it?s riveting because it?s all true. If you?ve got a social security number, you need to read this book whether you?re a CEO or a grandmother. Winkler reveals the top threats to our personal and national security, with lots of straightforward advice on how to protect yourself." ?Soledad O?Brien, CNN Relax?it?s not terrorism. But does that mean it?s okay? Has our national obsession with terrorism created a cloak of safety for the everyday criminal? In this chilling expose of real–life spy tactics and how to combat them, international espionage and security expert Ira Winkler shows you exactly how the harmless–looking new guy at the office may be doing your organization?or your credit rating?infinitely more damage than that machine gun?toting fellow on the evening news.

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