This third volume of Spin Dynamics in Confined Magnetic Structures addresses central aspects of spin-dynamic phenomena on a tutorial level. Researchers will find a comprehensive compilation of the current work in the field. Introductory chapters help newcomers to understand the basic concepts. The more advanced chapters give the current state-of-the-art of spin dynamic issues ranging from the femtosecond to the microsecond regime. This volume concentrates on new experimental techniques such as ferromagnetic-resonance-force microscopy and two-photon photoemission, as well as on aspects of precessional switching, spin-wave excitation, vortex dynamics, spin relaxation, domain-wall dynamics in nanowires and their applications to magnetic logic devices. One chapter is devoted to the very hot subject of spin-transfer torque, combining electronic transport and micromagnetics. The comprehensive presentation makes it a very timely and valuable resource for every researcher working in the field of magnetism.

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