A collection of five erotic paranormal stories to delight any taste!Stories include:The Incubus Candle: The candle was a large and faithful representation of a phallus. It wasn't the kind of thing Lauren would normally buy, but it would be a talking point for the girly evening she'd planned. The shop assistant told her to be careful when she lit it. 'These things work really well' she said with a knowing smile. Lauren snorted, thinking the comment was flippant, and rose to the bait. She bought two. And lit them both at the same time. That was when the real fun began...The Moment: An office worker, Chiyoko, waits for her train home. She has experimented with masturbating in public when there is no-one else on the platform, and when the train takes all the commuters away, she cannot help staying behind once more. Yet on this occasion, she is discovered by another woman. In the moment, she accepts Chiyoko's desire, and they start having sex on the platform. When a pedestrian walks in on them and runs for the police, time stops, and they have sex among the stilled commuters. By the story's end, Chiyoko is no longer alone, and Eva has found someone who accepts her in turn...Stroking The Tree: Teacher Cally is discontented although life appears fine. Because she feels partner Marcus can't fulfil her sexual needs, she fakes orgasms and resorts to sex toys. Then an erotic dream rocks her senses, leaving her yearning for dusky Dios. Cally and Marcus spend time in a secluded cabin and while he's working she discovers a tree with a difference. Dream and reality blur as the tree-god whisks her away. Teacher turns student and learns the secret of passion and contentment through sex with Dios. Cally's attitude is transformed and inhibitions vanish as she and Marcus discover sexual joy...With These Eyes I do Not Truly See: With These Eyes I Do Not Truly See is a snapshot in the life of one unsuspecting, successful, urban professional woman whose life seems meticulously planned from her current stage through retirement. Planned, that is, until she decides on a whim to join some colleagues from her graduate class at a bar in Manhattan's Lower East Side, only to find out that she's the object of a particular vampire's bloodlust, and passion!...His Ghost: The woods are hushed. In a cottage waits a love for a relief that won't come, until tonight. A nocturnal visitor, who is both familiar and strange, comes to her to recall the past and open her future. Reunited on this night, the beautiful and sad touch from beyond, crashes through the barriers of life and death and reignites old dowsed passions...

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