Barbara Johnson's approach to life is positive, uplifting, therapeutic and fun. Barbara Johnson is far from being a cock-eyed optimist?blind to life's grief and disappointment. In fact, her entire ministry of joy and encouragement began in the "slimy cesspool" of her own pain. She is a clear-eyed optimist. And that's why her laughter is so infectious and her widom rings so true in this joy-giving book, which offers giggles and guidance to help you:shore up a sinking self-esteemreach the other side of your griefweather your stress and get rid of your guiltrestore the joys of motherhoodrepair broken relationships with your childrenlearn to live with your illnesscultivate your patience?even when you just don't think you can waitsustain an effective prayer lifemake peace with aging?and go for healthy maturity"Almost everyone needs a splash of joy to get through the mess, to get cleaned off and get sweetened up?refreshed and ready to go again," Barbara Johnson says.

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