Centered on the philosophy, fashion, and high society of the wildly popular and critically acclaimed teen series Gossip Girl, this nitty-gritty expose provides an episode-by-episode dissection of the first two groundbreaking seasons. Diving below the surface plotlines to detail the cultural references, glamour, haute couture, music, and morality of the privileged teenagers of the Upper East Side, this essential fan bible covers all of the juicy and intriguing aspects of the hit showitself a biting social commentary on this generation of entitled, tech-savvy youth. With bios of the cast and creators, a comparison of the show to its teen soap and literary predecessors, a look at the adaptation from books to screen, and a Gossip Girl introduction to real-life New York City, this guide is not only the first of its kind but a must-have accessory for any Gossip Girl fan.

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