Spring Comes to Acorn Hill and brings with it birds, budding flowers, and a whole new set of challenges for the Howard sisters. Louise becomes involved in the creation of the town's official Web site and learns more than she ever wanted to know about computer, while Jane, always up for an adventure, gets roped into helping coach the local Little League team. As she teaches her players the rules of the game, she quickly discovers that sportsmanship is the toughest lesson for all of them to learn. And when Jane and her friend Sylvia Songer take a trip to Lancaster County to learn about the quilting traditions of the Amish, they enjoy the breathtaking scenery, the hearty meals and the famous simplicity of the Amish lifestyle. They also befriend a young girl who's about to make the biggest decision of her life and needs their advice. Meanwhile the Howard sisters have a tight-knit family who are building a very peculiar boat for a charity regatta in the backyard. When spring is in the air, excitement is just around the corner.

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