You get to the store and realize you forgot your wallet . . .Your roommate eats all your food . . . Your party's just getting started and the cops show up . . .A coworker passes your idea off as his own . . . Your last hook-up leaves you with the gift that keeps on giving . . .. . . Can things get any f*#!-ing worse? SRSLY, WTF?!The WTF? team's back at it--collecting the most f*#!-ed up scenarios from their bestselling series. Step by step, they take you through the inventively therapeutic, occasionally offensive, sometimes illegal, always hilarious solutions that've made the series a f*#!-ing hit. Whether you're on the job, on the town, or on the toilet without any TP--you'll be able to relate to these sh*tty situations that have you shouting, "Seriously, what the f*#!?"

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