Bernard Brodie (1910-1978) was a leading 20th century theorist and philosopher of war. A key architect of American nuclear strategy, Brodie was one of the first civilian defense intellectuals to cross over into the military world. State of Doom explores Brodies evolution as a theorist and his response to the technological innovations that transformed warfare from WWII to the Vietnam War. It situates his theoretical development within the classical theories of Carl von Clausewitz (1780-1831), as Brodie came to be known as Americas Clausewitz. While his first influential works focused on naval strategy, his most lasting impact came within the field of nuclear strategic thinking. Brodie helped conceptualize Americas strategy of deterrence, later taking into account Americas loss of nuclear monopoly, thermonuclear weapons, and intercontinental missiles.This in-depth exploration of Brodies strategic and philosophical response to the nuclear age and of his effort to reconcile Clausewitzs theories to the new challenges of the nuclear era will make this book a must read to anyone in strategic studies, international relations, and philosophy of war.

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