Contents:Heavy-Tailed and Nonlinear Continuous-Time ARMA Models for Financial Time Series (P J Brockwell)Nonlinear State Space Model Approach to Financial Time Series with Time-Varying Variance (G Kitagawa & S Sato)Nonparametric Estimation and Bootstrap for Financial Time Series (J-P Kreiβ)A Note on Kernel Estimation in Integrated Time Series (Y-C Xia et al.)Stylized Facts on the Temporal and Distributional Properties of Absolute Returns: An Update (C W J Granger et al.)Volatility Computed by Time Series Operators at High Frequency (U A Müller)Missing Values in ARFIMA Models (W Palma)Second Order Tail Effects (C G de Vries)Bayesian Estimation of Stochastic Volatility Model via Scale Mixtures Distributions (S T B Choy & C M Chan)On a Smooth Transition Double Threshold Model (Y N Lee & W K Li)Interval Prediction of Financial Time Series (B Cheng & H Tong)A Decision Theoretic Approach to Forecast Evaluation (C W J Granger & M H Pesaran)Portfolio Management and Market Risk Quantification Using Neural Networks (J Franke)Detecting Structural Changes Using Genetic Programming with an Application to the Greater-China Stock Markets (X B Zhang et al.)and other papersReadership: Researchers in finance, time series analysis, economics and actuarial science, as well as investment bankers, stock market analysts and risk managers.

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