The seventh in Springers landmark series of edited volumes on one of the highest-profile subjects in contemporary medicine and scientific endeavour, this volume sets out to cover a staggering range of research into the medical applications of stem cell research. While stem cells are the very stuff of life for multicellular organisms, including us humans, the cancer stem cell is a morbid entity with a robust resistance to therapies including conventional chemotherapy.This authoritative publication explains the regenerative potential of stem cells and their mesenchymal progeny, reviewing clinical applications of the latter in the treatment of cancer, diabetes and neurodegenerative pathologies. It covers the entire range of stem cells with known potential for therapeutic use, from human embryonic to germ cell-derived pluripotent stem cells and hematopoietic stem cells. The chapters also deal with the role of TGF-beta in propagating human embryonic stem cells, and in facilitating their differentiation. Featuring discussions of molecular signaling pathways that modulate mesenchymal stem cell self-renewal and much more, this book is certain to have broad appeal among academicians and physicians alike.

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