Harper Regan follows a womans road trip through the heart of England in a violent and comic exploration of the moralities of sex and death. Quietly harrowing, this play is a barometer for our times exploring dark secrets and familial estrangement.Marine Parade is a musical about sex, betrayal and hope, set in a run-down B&B on Brightons waterfront. A moving and poignant play, it captures the peculiar aroma of Brighton, with its mix of the bracing and the melancholy (Guardian).Olivier award-winning play On the Shore of the Wide World is an epic piece about love, family, Roy Keane and the size of the galaxy.Punk Rock is based on Simon Stephenss experience as a teacher and he describes this play as The History Boys on crack. It explores the underlying tensions and potential violence in a group of affluent, articulate seventeen year old students.

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