This workbook in stereochemistry is designed for students, lecturers and scientists in chemistry, pharmacy, biology and medicine who deal with chiral chemical compounds and their properties. It serves as a supplement to textbooks and seminars and thus provides selected examples for students to practice the use of the conventions and terminology for the exact three-dimensional description of chemical compounds. The book coverage spans: physiological and pharmacological relevant organic compounds as well as inorganic molecules for the determination of configuration, conformation and point groups. Examples of stereoselective syntheses of organic molecules are also included. The 191 problems with extended solutions contain many examples of compounds which are of practical use and have been gathered by the authors during their lectures and scientific work. From the review by Roald Hoffmann, Cornell University: '... 'Stereochemistry Workbook', one of the most effective pedagogical texts Ive encountered, re-emphasizes the fundamental role of geometry in chemistry. Molecules have shapes. The logic of isomerism, in all its manifestations, the life-and-death-determining necessity of describing three-dimensional geometry, our representational struggles to do so these define the beauty of chemistry.'(Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry 2009, 5, No. 38)

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