In this fascinating book, dating and relationship experts Jessica Cassaday, Ph.D., a psychologist; and Ryan Browning Cassaday, a certified life coach, have their fingers on the pulse of what has become a cultural epidemic: Women just like you feel frustrated and disappointed by the dating process. But the authors do more than provide gimmicky solutions while telling you what's wrong with your dating life; they teach you how to date by giving you a system that works . . . a way to form meaningful relationships without the pain and confusion of the typical dating approach! Most important, do you want to be happier, feel more successful, and have more clarity in your intimate relationships? Then this system is for you no matter what your age! It doesn't matter if you're single or in a relationship, this book will dramatically impact your romantic life. See how you can eliminate dating anxiety once and for all and create the loving relationship you've always wanted one that will provide you with a passionate, exciting, and more fulfilling life.

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