Like most women, Christine Fieldhouse's life changed forever when her son was born. Four months later her mother died and she was catapulted through a range of emotions. As she mourned the death of her mother she began to face the pain of her own childhood. Inspired by people such as Jane Elliott, author of the bestselling The Little Prisoner, Christine decided to write about her own experiences in the hope that, whatever happens in the future, she will leave no questions unanswered for her son Jack. Christine beautifully juxtaposes her life now as a mother, journalist and wife bringing her son up in a loving family environment, with her own upbringing and the mental and physical abuses she suffered at the hands of her father. This is Christine's pledge to ensure that history does not repeat itself. It is more than a story of survival, it is a story of contrasts, which reflect the rollercoaster of emotions that families put you through.

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