The challenges faced by professionals as related to the management of stormwater runoff are rapidly changing. First-generation stormwater management focused on providing flood protection and limiting peakflow, whereas now a greater emphasis is being placed on water quality. Consequently, stormwater management is shifting with more emphasis on treatment practices and techniques to improve stormwater quality to protect against stream, river and estuary degradation. Stormwater Management for Smart Growth emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to solving problems related to water quantity and quality issues associated with urban development. State-of-the-art control methods that integrate concepts related to both quantity and quality goals are presented. From a fundamental overview of supporting information on water quality, statistics and hydrology to detailed sections devoted to treatment and management practices, this book contains the latest information available on stormwater management. The book includes: - Emphasis on both hydrologic and water quality issues throughout all sections - Comprehensive coverage of stormwater management practices, including design, performance, and maintenance issues - Inclusion of many natural and vegetated stormwater management systems - Coverage of pollutant and runoff volume reduction through smart growth and low impact development practices

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