Whispers of 'the Lord Mayor is dead' spread over the city of Cork. What began as a rumour became a confirmed fact as the morning came. Armed men had broken into the Lord Mayor's home, pushed his pregnant wife out of the way and shot him through the heart - An outrageous act of murder had taken place in Cork city.' Toms Mac Curtin, the first republican Lord Mayor of Cork, was one of the heroes in the fight for Irish freedom. Gunned down in his own home in front of his wife and young children at the age of just thirty-six, history remembers him as a soldier of courage who defied the British forces and paid the ultimate price. A central figure in the Cork Volunteers, this book tells the story of Toms Mac Curtin for the younger reader. Fionnuala Mac Curtain is the granddaughter of Toms Mac Curtin. She lives in Cork and has also written 'Remember It's for Ireland', a memoir of the life and death of her grandfather, for adults.

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