A new update of the classic text on benchmarkingStrategic Benchmarking Reloaded with Six Sigma updates benchmarking, the revolutionary business performance methodology, by adding statistical concepts from Six Sigma. These two methodologies combine to form a powerful platform for improving any company's overall performance. This new revision reviews the first twenty-five years of development in benchmarking and features new appendices, case studies, and topics, making this the most complete and comprehensive coverage of the subject available.Topics include:* Stimulating business improvement with benchmarking* Linking Six Sigma to strategic planning and benchmarking* Understanding the essence of process benchmarking* Making statistical comparisons in benchmarking* Applying benchmarking results for maximum utility* Reviewing lessons learned from old case studies* Conducting a strategic benchmarking study* Performing an operational benchmarking study* Mainstreaming benchmarking into strategic planning* Creating a sustainable benchmarking capability* Plus: appendices covering the benchmarking code of conduct, operating procedures, and Web resources

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