The ability to manage change-management processes depends on individual skills and organisational culture. These skills have to be increased and practiced; in this perspective, the reading and analysis of this casebook can generate mental training about innovation.In order to look for common problems and solutions for implementing managerial development, a rich portfolio of European cases, with at least one representative for every European component, is presented. Typically comparative works select different countries according to criteria such as English speaking, countries from the same region or industrialised countries. This book looks at comparative differences but also has sufficient cultural, social, political and economic homogeneity. Comparisons are more useful and easier to understand due to common implementation difficulties and possible change strategies.A general introduction leads on to some theoretical background, which presents the Editors thinking about strategy, change management and the strategic approach to change management, representing the framework at the core of the book. A guide through the European examples introduces the cases themselves. Teaching notes on how to position the case, learning objectives, question discussion, case analysis and further reference are provided in order to show teachers and trainers how to use each individual case.This book is a tool for discussion and a framework to structure a debate about the evaluation of managerial evolution, providing trainers, students and practitioners with an instrument to understand how to face the difficulties each change management process is affected by.

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