The last few years have shown a multitude of strategic failures, from disastrous mergers to very expensive forays into new technologies. Strategic Logic shows with clarity and rigor the root of those failures, by laying bare the logic that is behind sustained profitability.Sustained strategic success does not come from following the latest slogan, be it "grow faster that your competitors", "capture first-mover advantage", "compete globally", or "concentrate on your core competences". Sustained profitability flows from the creative yet realistic application of sound principles of strategic logic that indicate what decisions have a chance to improve a company's profitability and what decisions will most surely destroy it.Working with real-life examples and rigorous theory, this book lays out those principles in a systematic way, taking the reader from the essential concepts of strategy to the analysis of complex business situations. In the end, the reader is left with a deeper understanding of the roots of long-term profitability, and with valuable insights on how to develop solid strategies.

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