Every year, esteemed scholars and practitioners meet at the International Police Executive Symposium to discuss contemporary issues in policing and share ideas about effective strategies in their jurisdictions. Drawn from the proceedings at the Thirteenth Annual Meeting held in Turkey and updated with new developments since the conference, Strategic Responses to Crime: Thinking Locally, Acting Globally describes how local police agencies are addressing issues of crime that have global implications.With contributions from a diverse panel of experts, the book combines scholarly perspectives with those of practitioners and explores issues in various cultural settings worldwide. Topics discussed include:Community policing and police innovations such as safety and security councilsPerformance management systems in police organizationsEfforts to combat drug cultivation and traffickingInternational terrorism and individuals' motivations for joining terrorist organizationsApproaches for handling and policing the mentally ill in accordance with human rights concernsCybercrime and child sexual abuseCrime scene assessment, information gathering, and case development and managementJurisprudence, law, and empirical research related to racial profiling in the United StatesComputer technology and crime analysis tools and modelsEmerging police administration strategies Combining empirical evidence from scholarly studies with in-the-trenches experience from practitioners, this volume assembles critical insight into a range of issues relevant to policing in the 21st century.

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