With shortened business cycles, increased competition, and rapidly changing technologies, companies need to be more nimble than ever. They must narrow the gap between strategy formulation and operation execution to guarantee success. The Strategy Gap will provide a framework that senior financial managers can use to ensure that their strategies are implemented successfully and that their corporations remain competitive. Filled with informative case studies and best practices for optimum financial processes, this valuable resource will help managers leverage information technology to successfully implement corporate strategies. This book also shows managers how to eliminate surprises in poorly managed or unforeseen activities, while applying new approaches to financial management for faster and more accurate business modeling. Expert advice from those who have used these strategies clearly explains how to integrate planning, budgeting, consolidation, and reporting into one cohesive management system.Michael Coveney is senior director of strategy management and spearheads Comshare's successful best practices consultancy, helping enterprises improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their corporate performance management processes.Brian Hartlen is Senior Vice President of Marketing for Comshare, Incorporated, a leading provider of software that helps companies implement and execute strategy.Dave King, PhD, is Comshare's Senior Vice President of Product Development and Chief Technology Officer.Dennis Ganster is Chairman, President and CEO of Comshare, Inc.

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