Streamlining Digital Signal Processing, Second Edition, presents recent advances in DSP that simplify or increase the computational speed of common signal processing operations and provides practical, real-world tips and tricks not covered in conventional DSP textbooks. It offers new implementations of digital filter design, spectrum analysis, signal generation, high-speed function approximation, and various other DSP functions. It provides:Great tips, tricks of the trade, secrets, practical shortcuts, and clever engineering solutions from seasoned signal processing professionalsAn assortment of signal processing topics such as signal filtering, signal analysis, signal generation, and specialized math computationsValuable signal processing techniques not taught in engineering schoolsAn introduction to DSP theory followed by tried-and-true advice on how to make DSP hardware and software designs operate fasterwith improved accuracy and computational efficiencyStreamlining Digital Signal Processing is an ideal book for electrical engineers, computer programmers, and scientists seeking to both enhance the performance and increase the operational speed of their signal processing hardware and software.

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