You're a business owner, not a "numbers" person, but you still need a basic understanding of accounting and finance if you're going to stay in the black. Streetwise Finance & Accounting for Entrepreneurs is the easy-to-understand primer you need to set up and maintain effective financial records. Streetwise Finance and Accounting for Entrepreneurs will give you a solid foundation and a basic understanding of accounting and finance. Author Suzanne Caplan covers everything from financial statements to understanding credits and debits and establishing budgets. This revised edition also includes strategies for rescuing a struggling business, and developing an exit strategy for selling or bequeathing your business. This guide includes advice on controlling costs; planning a budget you can stick to; organizing and maintaining your own books; and so much more. If you're not making and maintaining a budget, then you're not managing your business. Streetwise Finance & Accounting is your key to knowing how much money you need for your business, where to get it, and how to manage it.

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