Summarizing major concepts and key points, this book tests students' knowledge of the principal theories in structural and stress analysis. Its main feature is helping students to understand the subject by asking and answering conceptual questions. Each chapter begins with a summary of key issues and relevant formulas. A 'key points' review identifies important concepts which are essential for students' understanding of the chapter. Numerical examples are used to illustrate these concepts and demonstrate the application of the formulas. A short discussion of the problem is provided, before the solution is revealed, to ensure that students know not only how but also why a formula should be used. Structural and Stress Analysis is particularly useful for students preparing for exams. Working through these conceptual questions, and reviewing the key points summarized in this book, provides a structured approach to assess whether or not the subject has been understood and to identify the area where further revision is needed. It is also a useful reference for those who are taking an advanced structural and stress analysis course.

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