This book gathers the latest research on the structure of computer-based systems from computer scientists, sociologists, statisticians and psychologists and combines it into a readable overview of the latest work in dependable computer-based systems. Previous work in this area has tended to come from the viewpoint of a single discipline, focusing on computer systems to the exclusion of social and human aspects. The interdisciplinary approach taken in this book demonstrates that complex computer-based systems cannot be achieved without considering all the aspects. Stakeholders and system designers as well as the scientific community now agree that human and social issues have to be covered jointly with technical issues. This book highlights issues that stand aside of traditional technical concerns. Topics include fault tolerance, evolution, software development, HCI, architecture certification, dependability arguments, organisations diagrams, time and procedures. System developers, stakeholders, decision makers, policymakers and academics will find this book highlights the core issues for all those involved in dependability in a complex computer-based environment.

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