The organization of this study guide parallels that of Cheng F Lee's Statistics for Business and Financial Economics, providing a comprehensive treatment of every chapter. To maximize students' understanding of the material, the author presents it in a slightly different though complementary way. For each chapter, the study guide provides:Chapter Intuition. Each chapter begins with an intuitive verbal explanation of the chapter's central message on why the chapter is important and where it is headed.Chapter Review. Rather than just giving a simple outline of the chapter, all the key concepts in the chapter are covered in a simple, easy-to-follow account.Useful Formulas. Where appropriate, a list of useful formulas from the chapter is provided so that one need not search the text to find formulas necessary for solving the problems.Example Problems and Solutions. Here, sample problems similar to the problems in the text are provided, along with step-by-step solutions. To provide a guide to solving the problems, each example states the topic that the problem illustrates.Supplementary Exercises. Once the example problems are studied, one's skills can be put to work by solving problems. A variety of exercise types is offered to accommodate various learning styles.

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