Substance Abuse Recovery in College explains in authoritative detail what collegiate recovery communities are, the types of services they provide, and their role in the context of campus life, with extended examples from Texas Tech Universitys influential CSAR (Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery) program. Using data from both conventional surveys and end-of-day daily Palm Pilot assessments as well as focus groups, the book examines community members experiences. In addition, the importance of a positive relationship between the recovery community and the school administration is emphasized.Topics covered include:The growing need for recovery services at colleges.How recovery communities support abstinence and relapse prevention.Who are community members and their addiction and treatment histories.Daily lives of young adults in a collegiate recovery community.Challenges and opportunities in establishing recovery communities on campus.Building abstinence support into an academic curriculum.This volume offers clear insights and up-close perspectives of importance to developmental and clinical child psychologists, social workers, higher education policymakers, and related professionals in human development, family studies, student services, college health care, and community services.

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