Achieving Consultant status remains the ambition and pinnacle in the eyes of most hospital doctors. The stakes are high, the competition is intense, and the selection process is discerning. It is important, therefore, that the interview process is understood, and that the commonly asked questions and pitfalls are examined in order to prepare meticulously. Despite the importance of this interview, it is probable that most doctors do not invest sufficient time and effort preparing for it. In this book, the following issues are taken into account: Recommendations with regard to preparation prior to application, Visiting the institution post shortlisting, the makeup of the interview panel and presentations, Behaviour traits to adopt and avoid during the interview, General principles for answers to commonly asked questions pertaining to factual knowledge, opinion and scenarios... A great portion of the book contains summaries of 'hot topics' with related questions, such as Primary Care Trusts, Foundation Trusts, Government targets, complaints and risk. The information and guidance given in this book will hopefully go a long way towards helping you with your interview preparation, equipping you with the right behavioural skills and empowering you with the knowledge and confidence to succeed in your Consultant interview.

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