Investing in people right at the start of their career is crucial because, no matter how good initial training is, the first year as a fully-fledged teacher is bound to be tough. Induction is there to make sure new teachers succeed and enjoy their work. Supporting new teachers is not just a good thing to do - it's statutory. With the new professional standards, every Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) and Induction Tutor needs this book to ensure that the induction year is a success. This book is an accessible, engaging guide to surviving the tricky bits of the first year of teaching. It offers the sort of clear information and practical tips that Sara Bubb knows people are crying out for - because they raise them in the TES virtual staffroom. Written in a lively yet authoritative style, the book: - is packed with illuminating anecdotes, handy checklists and useful examples - covers much that NQTs need to know - including how induction works, how to meet the core standards, dealing with difficult people, how to get the most out of professional development and performance management - gives detailed guidance about how induction tutors and mentors can support, monitor and assess new teachers. Indispensable for any new teacher needing up-to-date advice and information, induction tutors, CPD coordinators, local authority advisers in charge of induction, and trainee teachers towards the end of their course, this book is an invaluable resource to success in the induction year. Sara Bubb has an international reputation in the field of induction and supports new teachers and induction tutors at the Institute of Education, University of London and across the country. She writes a popular weekly advice column for new teachers in the Times Educational Supplement and answers questions on its online staffroom.

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