The Asian stock market is commonly regarded as confusing for many investors, yet it is arguably the most exciting market in the world today. In this fascinating book, Measor uses his personal insights and in-depth knowledge to show readers how to navigate the risky waters of investing in the Asian stock market, through ten timeless principles of investing — from the need of investing to the basic elements of evaluating a listed company; from the importance of dividends to the choice of some good growth stocks; and from the hidden logics of IPOs to the trick of speculation. Readers will also learn the intrinsic value of some of the leading Asian and global companies. Measor holds no illusions in facing the pitfalls of the market, and his investment principles prove to be sound through the ups and downs of the market roller-coaster. Those who read and listen to the Guru's wisdom will get their rewards.Sample Chapter(s)Chapter 1: Introduction (771 KB)Contents:Invest, Cash is Not KingBe Your Own Fund ManagerLearn the BasicsLooking for Dividend IncomeFocus on GrowthBuy and KeepBeware of the Quick Profits of IPOGamble to WinEnjoy the Ride with the MarketBuy Property for Living, Not for InvestingReadership: Investors, researchers/MBA students in finance.

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