This collection of essays systematically explores how a sample of political parties and reforming groups, not based on suffrage, reacted and accommodated the issues of suffrage within their official discourses and structures, in the Edwardian period.Each contribution discusses a group; its recent history, membership and official policies; its attempts at tackling novelty and 'trouble' when new female members brought in women's issues along with 'suffrage'. Examined are Labour, Conservative and Liberal Party women; the national Union of Women Workers; the Women's Co-operative Guild; Socialist women in Bristol; the Primrose League; the Women Teachers and Avant-Garde Women. The opening chapter provides an interpretive pattern to discuss double affiliations and political fluidity in the Edwardian years. Suffrage Outside Suffragism not only leads to the heart of suffragism but also weaves the dynamics and versatilities of the Edwardian political fabric.

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