By the same author as the bestselling Total Loss,this is a new collection of terrifying and compelling accounts ofyachts lost at sea. The seven deadly causes of loss continue to taketheir toll, and Paul Gelder has compiled first-hand accounts ofshipwreck and sinking caused by Collision, Gear Failure, Stress ofWeather, Faulty Navigation, Fire, Crew Failure and Exhaustion.The moving, emotionally charged descriptions of shipwrecked sailorsabandoning their yachts at sea will have you on the edge of your seat.But these accounts are more than just gripping tales of disaster - theycarry valuable lessons which the survivors have been able to pass on toall who go to sea for pleasure.Praise for Total Loss:The tales provide gripping if sometimes unsettling reading and many valuable lessons. - Cruising WorldSure, you can learn from your own mistakes, but wouldnt you rather learn from theirs? - Sailing

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